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Private tours from Lima to nazca

Drivers speak english and italian

One full day or one night two days or depens on your request. from lima, paracas, ica and nazca. enjoyment the marine wildlife in the ballestas islands,dunes buggy tours in the Huacachina oasis and visit the Nazca lines by land and air We Will kindly answer all your questions..

Let's plan your most incredible trip to Nazca, Ica and Paracas

Tours in Nazca

Land tour: From a natural viewpoint you can see more than 100 lines, also you can walk close to the lines .so you can realize how they made these mysterious lines Also you can appreciate the ground And type of dark colored stones Nazca mirador. From a metalic tower you can see 3 figures the hands,the tree and the lizart. Also few lines and geometric figures
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Tours in Ica

La ciudad de Ica está situada sobre la costa sur de Lima. Es un oasis en medio de las pampas desérticas del Perú.
Esta rodeada de valles hermosos, famosa por sus viñedos y la producción de vinos de excelente calidad. Otras ciudades de importancia son Chincha, Pisco, Nazca y Palpa.
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Tours in Paracas

Experience the incredible Ballestas Islands on a boatride, home to spectacular wildlife, beautiful nature and some very special phenomenon. In the Paracas National Reserve you will experience the beauty of this red sand beaches and animals.
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